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  1. Winnov Videum Quattro Xpress

    Winnov Videum Quattro Xpress Video Capture Card


    Videum Quattro Xpress is a 4-channel audio and 4-channel PCI Express video capture card. Capture four different AV source pairs simultaneously or capture the same sources in four different ways. Capture, encode, and broadcast four independent AV source pairs from a single system. Composite video (RCA) and unbalanced (mini) audio. Multiple board support. Includes breakout boxes. Learn More
  2. Winnov Videum 4100 AV Xpress

    Winnov Videum 4100 AV Xpress 1-ch Video Capture Card


    Winnov Videum 4100 AV Xpress is a single-channel video capture card (PCI Express) with switching among four video sources. Select one of four inputs, each with composite video and unbalanced audio. Learn More
  3. Osprey 210e/230/240e/260e Full-Height Bracket

    Osprey 210e 230 240 260e Full-Height Bracket


    Full-height bracket for Osprey 210e, 230, 240e and 260e boards Learn More
  4. Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus

    Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus


    • Up to 4K resolution at 60p with 4:2:0 Input
    • HDMI Loop-thru plus Analog Audio Output
    • Hardware Scaling and De-Interlacing
    • Onboard RAM for Stream Buffering
    • Plug-and-Play Driver Installation
    • USB 3.0 Required for 4K/HD Video Capture
    • Compatible with USB 2.0 (SD Resolution)
    • Windows, Mac and Linux
    Learn More

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