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OnStage DVD for PowerPoint

The easy way to play DVD-Video in PowerPoint®

PowerPoint presentation using OnStage DVD

OnStage DVD for PowerPoint SE v1.x (XP/2000)

VISTA and POWERPOINT 2007 are not currently supported

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OnStage DVD For PowerPoint

OnStage® DVD for PowerPoint is the finest product available for adding DVD playback into a PowerPoint presentation. Incorporating DVD into a PowerPoint presentation enhances the effectiveness of sales forces and marketing teams and provides the power to transform training and education. With video, presentations and briefings spring to life.

OnStage DVD For PowerPoint

Nothing communicates better than video!
Quickly transform boring slide shows into presentations that sizzle with excitement. If you want to keep the attention of your viewer, OnStage DVD for PowerPoint is the plug-in you need. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily add DVD-Video content to any PowerPoint presentation.

See how easy it is to add DVD playback to your PowerPoint presentation!
OnStage DVD for PowerPoint Basic Tutorial. (opens a new window)

Download a Test Drive

Important Note: OnStage DVD for PowerPoint has limitations that may affect your use, and some systems may have DirectShow problems with DVD playback that prevent the use of OnStage. These limitations are described in the Product Limitations section below.
OnStage DVD for PowerPoint enables you to show exactly what you want to see, with the professional features that you require.

Video Window Size Set the video window to any size you like. You can even start in fullscreen for the greatest effect.
Content Location Use DVD-Video content located virtually anywhere, including DVD discs, notebooks, kiosks and internal networks, for maximum flexibility.
Network Support As an enterprise solution, both presentations and DVD content may be delivered from anywhere on a network.
Start/End Control Start at any DVD title, chapter or timecode, according to the settings of your choice. End playback at any chapter, timecode or transition to menu.
Endplay Control When playback ends, you control what happens next. Pause, loop or advance to the next slide.
Keyboard Control For presentations requiring keyboard control, function keys toggle between pause/resume and windowed/fullscreen playback.
Border Add a border of different colors and sizes to enhance the look of the playback window.
Player Toolbar Show a DVD player toolbar when you want viewers to have control over playback of the DVD content.
Multiple Slides Add DVD playback to as many slides as you want, each with their own individual settings.
Royalty Free Runtime Player Deliver your presentations with our Royalty Free Player installation.
Automatic Upgrade Notification Provides notification during authoring when a new version is available.
Enhanced Online Diagnostics Runtime errors generate a link to additional information online. PC configuration data is passed automatically to provide customized diagnostics information to the viewer.
Legacy DirectX Support Supports DirectX 6.1 and higher.
Subpictures Display subpictures whenever desired.
OnStage DVD for PowerPoint is flexible. Look at the different ways you can distribute presentations.
DVD-ROM The traditional way to distribute DVD content. You can also include your PowerPoint presentations on the disk.
Notebook Sales forces are even more effective equipped with powerful presentations that use video.
Kiosk Museums and other kiosk-based applications can use DVD content on disk, hard drive or network.
Trade Show Trade show promotions can show DVD content on disk, hard drive or network.
Network Presentations can exist on an internal network along with the DVD content itself.
Internet (WebDVD) Presentations can be distributed on the Internet, if the viewer has PowerPoint and the DVD. You can change the presentation any time.
Software Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003 or 2005 (PowerPoint 95, 97, and the PowerPoint Viewer are not supported)
PowerPoint 2007 is not currently supported
Operating System Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP with DirectX 6.1 or higher VISTA is not currently supported
Hardware Pentium II / 244 MHz or higher
32 MB RAM or higher
Sound card
DVD Decoders (See the list of supported decoders)
Testdrive, Technical Support and Refunds:
OnStage DVD for PowerPoint has a FULLY-FUNCTIONAL TESTDRIVE. Because there is a downloadable testdrive, our policy is that we provide no refunds after a serial number is issued.

Check the limitations below and test your presentation before purchasing. Other programs may interfere with DirectShow DVD playback in a machine.

We encourage you to become familiar with our Technical Support area:

From our technical support area, you may contact Visible Light Technical Support or view the OnStage Knowledge Base.

OnStage is not compatible with Windows Vista or PowerPoint 2007.

PowerPoint Version Support: OnStage is supported on Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003 or 2005 (PowerPoint 95, 97 and the PowerPoint Viewer are not supported). PowerPoint 2007 is not supported.

DirectShow Issues: Some software products install MPEG decoders that break DVD playback through DirectShow. This can prevent OnStage from operating properly on your machine. See the Knowledge Base for specific information about this problem.

Commercial DVD Titles: While OnStage DVD for PowerPoint supports playback of commercial DVD titles, navigation restrictions common to many commercial DVD titles (UOPs) frequently force viewing of a copyright warning or preview. It may not be capable of starting clips where you would like. Always test with your DVD title!

PowerPoint Shows: PowerPoint presentations built with OnStage must be played as a .PPT file using the PowerPoint application. OnStage is not supported as a PowerPoint Show (.PPS file) or by the PowerPoint package viewer, as PowerPoint disables external controls in these instances.

Refunds: Because we provide a free, fully-functional test drive of OnStage DVD for PowerPoint, please test playback with your DVD titles before purchasing a license! No refunds are provided once a permanent key is issued.

Dual Monitor: OnStage DVD for PowerPoint does not support dual monitor playback or Presenter View with two monitors. To display on two monitors, you must mirror the primary monitor. Since each machine will differ, always test on your PC!

Most laptop computers have a function key or software command to activate or deactivate video output. With most laptops, this command acts as a toggle switch: repeat the command to display the image on the internal laptop display, the external display (projector) or both displays simultaneously. In some cases, the simultaneous display setting will not work properly if the native resolution of the projector does not match the native resolution of the laptop LCD display. This means that the internal display of some laptops will need to be turned OFF to achieve optimal image quality on the projector.

The following links provide video activation commands for common laptops. Some manufacturers use different commands for different models. If the commands listed for your brand do not work, consult your notebook manual for the proper command.

SFSU Laptop Mirroring Chart: click here
Infocus Laptop Video Activation Chart: click here.


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