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Digital video and DVD are great enhancements to training, education, briefings, promotions, museums, trade shows and entertainment.

OnStage helps you communicate better! The OnStage product family is a series of plug-in products designed to easily integrate digital video and DVD into a wide variety of presentation authoring platforms, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Macromedia Director, Authorware and Shockwave.

OnStage has been the workhorse of thousands of multimedia developers worldwide since 1997.


OnStage gives you a wide range of publishing and distribution options. Presentations that use OnStage can be delivered on CD, DVD, notebooks, kiosks, internal networks and even the Web.

Since January 2002, millions of discs using OnStage 4 technology have been distributed worldwide.

Maximum Compatibility

How can you be best assured of compatiblity in a complex world with multiple operating systems, media formats, system configurations and video decoders?

OnStage has evolved to meet the compatibility challenges of a complex and changing world. OnStage products support a wide variety of PC operating systems, including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. DirectShow and SigmaDesigns Hollywood decoders are supported for playback. (note: check individual product specifications for details)

No Installation

Most disk-based titles created with OnStage require no installation* on the part of the viewer. Put the disk in the PC and it works automatically! That's the magic of OnStage.

Even HTML presentations will install the OnStage engine automatically and transparently over the Web or from disk. The viewer doesn't need to do anything to run your presentation.


Visible Light offers free knowledge base and help desk support to all OnStage developers. There are also unmonitored community forums.

Want to Try OnStage for Free?

All OnStage products have fully functional test drives that you can download, install and try today! Download Testdrives

* No end-user installation is required for titles created using Director or Authorware in conjunction with our OnStage for Director products.


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