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Hardware Devices for Audio and Video Routing and Switching

  1. Osprey SDAR-4

    Osprey 1:4 SDI Distribution Amplifiers

    Delivery: Worldwide

    Starting at: $190.00

    Osprey SDI distribution amplifiers accept any single link SDI input up to 3G and passes it to four outputs while preserving Ancillary Data and Embedded Audio. Automatic cable equalization lessens attenuation over longer runs. Dip switches allow the user to select between SD and HD signals. Powered by USB via a locking connector. Optional reclocking and DVB-ASI. Learn More
  2. Vitec Extensor SDI4SDI HD-SDI Splitter

    SKU: 13396   Delivery: North America


    • Splits SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI into 4 x HD-SDI 3Gb/s
    • Auto adaptation between SD and HD formats
    • Resolutions and frame rates supported up to 1080p60
    • LED indicator signal and lockable power supply connector
    Learn More
  3. Osprey SSR-42R 4x1 3G-SDI/DVB-ASI Switcher

    SKU: 97-30001   Delivery: Worldwide


    Osprey SSR-42R is a Professional 4:1 Reclocking Switcher for 3G/HD/SD SDI and DVB-ASI. Learn More

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